Get’n Dirty - Multipurpose Outdoor or Garage Scrub


This scrub is stronger than our Talk’n Dirty scrub and perfect for exteriors, garages, auto shops, HVAC work, plumbing, and more. Use it to clean grease and dirt off tools, pipes, metal, gears, rims, wheels, siding, mowers, grills, and even paint brushes. Use to wash hands after working on the car to breakdown engine grease in a snap.

Directions: Using sponge or rag, apply a small pea-size of scrub to area to be cleaned with a dab of water. Add additional product sparingly, depending on the size of the project. Gently rub in and rinse. For tough stains like black mold or years of grease build-up, let paste sit for 6-8 hours, then rinse. We strongly suggest using appropriate hardware and wearing protective gear when dealing with mold. For grills and appliances, be sure to consult manuals first for areas to avoid.

Note: Product may melt in extreme heat (including shipping). Simply mix with fork or table knife to return the product to original form.

Our amazing little product has many uses and the list keeps growing. Email us your video showing the incredible uses you have discovered with Talk’n Dirty or Get’n Dirty, and we may feature it on our website!

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