Our Story

Susan SantucciWelcome to our story! My name is Susan and I'm excited you are here. I won't bore you with my history...snore. Rather, let me say this. 

We’re Fnbrilliant – a green company specializing in Eco-Friendly products.  Tenacious, scrappy, fiercely loyal – these are badges we wear with pride.  Heck who else has the guts to call themselves FNBrilliant?  We live to get our hands dirty and create products with you in mind.  Everyone is forced to clean and typically people don’t enjoy the task.  And bathing, whether it be in the shower or bathtub, why should it be boring?  We were up to the challenge.  Cleaning and bathing can be fun and rewarding if the right products are used.  We created our lines to help you work smarter not harder.  For example, our Talk’n Dirty scrub loves, loves, loves to clean ovens and in less than half an hour with no fumes and little effort on your part.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is.  Seriously, who wants to wear a hazmat suit when they clean?  But if you are using cleaners from the local market, you should.  Don’t even get us started about all the nastiness those cleaners use and what they can do to your temple (we mean your body).  We’re always thinking about how to build a better product for you, and a better company for us.  We are on a mission to make the world smarter and safer by giving you the information and products you want.  An informed you is awesome in our book.   This puts you in control, and who doesn’t like that?


Friendly, Natural, Brilliant!